Russell Hull's




 Human Scent camouflage. Covers your scent, Attracts Deer & Wildlife.


Covers body odors while you still hunt and hides your entry trail when you are stand hunting.


Just apply Cover Up to Boots, Clothing and Equipment.  


Overcome any big game animals best defense, their incredible ability to smell danger.


Proven effective on whitetail deer, mule deer, black tail deer, elk, hogs, bear, antelope and all other wildlife.


The Original Formula that has been trusted by thousands of Hunters for over 53 seasons.


The Original Formula was developed by Russell Hull of Hill City KS. We pride ourselves on using his exact formula.


This is the stuff that our customers have described as smelling like; vanilla, marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies.





C-101   4 oz Spray Bottle

Price per 4 oz  Spray Bottle $8.95





C-103   32 oz Refill Bottle

Price per 32 oz Refill Bottle $25.95






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